Key issues discussed during the workshop

Orthopedic market:

  • What are the latest trends and main changes within the orthopedic market? Ceramic usage, cementless, dual mobility cup, anterior approach, reversed shoulder, 3D printed implants, robotic assisted surgeries, etc.
  • Chrome-Cobalt: Will it disappear or not? What are the alternatives and when will they be available?
  • Biological products: What are the unmet needs? Bioresorbable cements with acceptable mechanical properties? Abundant allografts? Development of cements with new antibiotics, etc.
  • Alternative products or treatments to implants: Can cartilage repair or other miracle cures slow down the use of prostheses?
  • The Holy Grail of Mini-Invasive Solutions: Innovations that have paved the way – short hip, expandable interbody cage, etc.
  • What will be the winning emergent products and technologies? Customized implants, single-use instruments, biologics and bioresorbable materials, smart implants and instruments, disruptive manufacturing process, etc.
  • Will the increased weight of regulations and certifications impact profitability? Will there be more inspections, audits, and tighter controls for contract manufacturers?

Contract manufacturing market:

  • Are the major OEMs increasing their outsourcing to contract manufacturing? Rate and trend of outsourcing for each Major company, number of pieces outsourced for different parts: forged, cast, machined, coated, 3D printed, etc.
  • What are the needs of orthopedic OEMs? in terms of services, shared responsibilities, co-development agreements, etc.
  • What are the key growth factors and barriers for orthopedic contract manufacturing development?
  • What roles will the BRICs, South America and Central European countries play in the future of contract manufacturing? What is the risk of production relocation to lower labor cost economies? and for which products? Generic instruments, non-complex implants, etc.
  • Latest trends in orthopedic raw material improvements: what are the long-term trends affecting the casting, forging, machining, coating and finishing processes? What is the impact of Additive Manufacturing?
  • How has contract manufacturing of the coating process changed? How do the major OEMs work with product markings, packaging and sterilization?
  • At what level will MDR inhibit innovations and what are the risks for stakeholders?
  • Impact of inflation, Covid-19 & FX rate on contract manufacturing revenues in 2020, 2021 & 2022, projects and backlogs, company profitability. Scenarios and the conditions necessary to achieve them.