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Which of the orthopaedic companies and contract manufacturers will be the winners over the next 5 to 10 years?

  1. Market outlook and scenarios to 2030
  2. Emergence of new orthopedic end-user players with revenues of more than 1BUS$ : the consolidation of orthopedic companies exposes contract manufacturers to risk – How big is the risk to revenues and/or profitability?
  3. The importance of high-growth segments such as extremities and shoulders for contract manufacturers
  4. Outsourcing trends for the 6 Majors in critical services: casting, 3D printing, coating, machining of reconstructive and STES implants, etc.
  5. Critical services which risk being internalized: 3D Printing? Packaging? Other?
  6. 3D Printing – risks and opportunities for contract manufacturers
  7. New segments in amounts exceeding several hundred million dollars in orthopaedic contract manufacturing: Robotics? Design & Customized Development? Enabling technologies?
  8. What is the future industrial and service model for orthopedic contract manufacturers?
  9. Who will be the winning contract manufacturers by 2030?
  10. And what are their key success factors?

… plus any other questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to send them to us in advance.

The latest information on the players will be detailed.


Managing Partner of AVICENNE Consulting

About our speaker

Ali founded AVICENNE in 1992. AVICENNE is a strategic consulting firm based in Paris with operations in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, and many developing countries.

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